Fundamentals of the Faith
By William Dudley Nowlin, D.D., LL.D.

Introductory Note

        In "Fundamentals of the Faith," the author has given to the world a great book. If every redeemed man and woman on earth would give this book an earnest, honest, prayful reading, it would settle the religious differences of the world.
        The earnest, conscientious reader will finish the book with the conviction that no one will ever answer it, and with a feeling of pity for the one who will attempt to answer it. Some may sneer, and some, from party spirit, may reject; but the book will stand the white light of the Judgment Bar of God.
        If "Fundamentals Of The Faith" are not New Testament fundamentals, Baptist churches ought to cease to exist. If they are New Testament Fundamentals, Baptists ought to earnestly contend for them. But every redeemed person ought to contend for them or no one ought to contend for them. The attitude of every saved reader toward these FUNDAMENTALS should be determined by settling one question: ARE THEY NEW TESTAMENT FUNDAMENTALS? If they are, what excuse, reader, can you give at the Judgment for not having taken your stand for these New Testament Fundamentals 4 It is not a matter of sectarianism ; it is not a matter of party spirit ; it is a matter of making Him, who redeemed you, first in your life. It is not only the duty of every saved person to accept and practice these New Testament fundamentals, but to get others to do likewise.
        The author has given to the world a book that will endure and be a blessing to the world, if our Lord tarries, long after the author shall have been gathered to his fathers.
        Would that every redeemed one could read it! May the book have, as it deserves, a wide circulation and many, many readers, and may every reader be led by it to stand for, and earnestly contend for these New Testament fundamentals.

        T. T. Martin:
        Blue Mountain, Miss.


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