"We have this hope
as an anchor for the
soul, firm and secure."

(Hebrews 6:19)

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Some Chartered Associations and Churches

Chartered Associations

Chartered Churches

  • First Six-Principle Baptist Church of Ireland - Baltimore, Co Cork, Ireland
  • Heartland Six-Principle Baptist Home Mission Fellowship - Elwood, Indiana
  • Robinson Six-Principle Baptist Church - Robinson, Illinois
  • Six-Principle Baptist Church of Albany - Albany, Oregon
  • The United Church in Christ, A Six-Principle Baptist Church - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Information about Six-Principle Baptist Association and Church Charters

Church Charters are issued by the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists to formally and officially establish and affiliate a church as a Six-Principle Baptist denominational church.
     To apply for a church charter:  An email requesting such a charter should be emailed to the General Association (see the "Email Us" link on the left). The email should contain information about the church or congregation and include a requested name for the church charter. A request for the official appointment of a Pastor for the church can also be included in the email.

Association Charters are issued by the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists to formally establish a State or Territory Association affiliated with the General Association. Such an Association is authorized and directed by the General Association to perform the spiritual duties pursuant to such an affiliated status including: to perform sacerdotal functions, conduct worship services, engage in evangelism, aid those in need through ministries in accordance with its mission, assist local associations, churches, ministries, and ministers, and to otherwise proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in ministry to all. A Director is appointed by the General Association to to plant churches, to oversee, assist, encourage, elder, support and mentor local associations, churches, ministries, evangelists, pastors and other affiliates within the State or Territory Association's assigned jurisdiction.