Application for Ministerial Credentials

General Information

The General Association of Six-Principle Baptists recognizes that God calls all members of the church to be ministers and witnesses to the Gospel in their lives and in society. It also recognizes that God calls some to be missionaries, evangelists, shepherds, overseers, pastors, and teachers, as servants, to prepare His people for service to others, and for the building up of the body of Christ (see Eph. 4:11-12).

Therefore, within the General Association of Six-Principle Baptists, those so called to these servant leadership roles are recognized and authorized to perform ministerial duties under the auspices of the General Association as either as a Licensed Minister or as an Elder (Ordained Minister), depending upon their ministerial experience and qualifications. 

All licenses and ordinations are approved by a council of ordained ministers. All ordinations are performed by the local church, or minister, with the General Association issuing the certificate of license/ordination.

  1. Licensed Minister: For all of those who have received the calling from God and have the will to respond in the most positive way, obtaining the ministerial license is the most correct avenue to begin this great undertaking of God in that it allows the new minister to begin his quest in accordance with church and/or denominational guidelines, the laws of the land, as well as the laws of God. The Licensed Minister is an intern Minister, an apprenticed Minister, and an official candidate for the Ordained Ministry. Those applying for Licensed Minister Credentials must be approved by the Credential Committee for acceptance as a Licensed Six-Principle Baptist Minister. Those applying for Licensed Minister Credentials will be guided by the Director of Licensed Ministers who will mentor them as they grow in the ministry. ( click here for more information)


  2. Elder (Ordained Minister): This is for those who have proven experience in ministry and meet the required qualifications for an ordained minister. Those applying for Six-Principle Baptist Elder Credentials (new or by transfer) must:
    1. Be approved by the Credential Committee for acceptance as an Ordained Six-Principle Baptist Elder, and
    2. Have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Theology or a related field--Bible, pastoral ministry, etc., approved by the Credential Committee, or
    3. Have a minimum of 5 years of proven ministry experience and a certificate or diploma in Theology or a related field--Bible, pastoral ministry, etc., approved by the Credential Committee, and
    4. Have been previously ordained in a laying on of hands ritual by a minister, or ministers, who also was previously ordained in a laying on of hands ritual, or
    5. If not previously ordained as above, the applicant must arrange for a laying on of hands by a SPB Elder (or other ordained minister having been ordained by a laying on of hands). Once the ritual has been performed, then proof of such laying on of hands having been performed must be submitted to the General Association by the minister performing the ritual before the applicant will be issued Elder Credentials by the General Association.

All applicants for either type of Ministerial Appointment must have been (or be) baptized with Believer's Baptism (baptized after having professed Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior), by immersion as the preferred mode, or if health or other conditions (environment, lack of sufficient water, etc.) prevent baptism by immersion, then baptism by pouring is acceptable as an alternative mode.

When needed, use a separate sheet of paper to answer the questions below. For most of the questions, a brief paragraph is all that is needed, but please do not leave out any details that may be important to us as we consider your application. Please identify the answers given by the number of each question as listed below.

Please state if this application is for:

     1. A License to Minister (click here for information)
     2. Ordained Ministers Credentials

1. Full Name__________________________________________

2. Address____________________________________________

3. City, State, Zip___________________________________

4. Home Phone ____________ Business Phone ____________

5. E-Mail Address_____________________________________

6. Date Of Birth______________ Male______ Female______

7. Marital Status_____________________________________

8. Name of Spouse_____________________________________

9. Names and Ages of Children in Home:

10. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

11. Please write out your testimony about your experience of salvation and regeneration.

12. Please describe your calling to the ministry, noting the details of the calling.

13. Have you previously been ordained into the ministry in a laying-on-of-hands ceremony? (If so give the date, place, and denomination of your ordination)

14. If you are ordained by, have ministerial credentials, or license by other institutions, organizations, or churches please list them along with the dates received issued:

15. Why do you seek ministerial credentials with the Six-Principle Baptists?

16. What is your specific desire as it relates to serving the Lord through the Six-Principle Baptist Church?

17. What qualifications and training do you have that would aid you in this chosen field of service?

18. Do you understand that Six-Principle Baptists do not have an ecclesiastically binding creed?

19. Describe your views on Freedom of Religion:

20. Do you believe in the historic Baptist distinctive of Liberty of Conscience in matters of faith and practice?

21. What does Liberty of Conscience mean to you?

22. Have you studied the Six-Principles and do you accept them as important foundational concepts?

23. Briefly explain your understanding of the Six-Principles (Repentance, Faith, Baptisms, Laying on of Hands, Resurrection, Judgment):

24. Describe your baptism (be sure to include the mode - immersion, pouring, or sprinkling).

25. What are your views on Abortion?

26. What are your views on Capital Punishment?

27. What are your views Divorce and Remarriage?

28. What are your views on Homosexuality?

29. What are your views on the Distinguishing Beliefs/Practices of Christians?

30. What are your views on the Fellowship Requirements for Christians?

31. What are your views of Sin?

32.What are your views on the Requirements for Salvation?

33. What are your views on the Security of Salvation?

34. What are your views on Heaven and Hell?

35. What are your views on Christian Universalism - a doctrine believed by some true and sincere Christians that does not negate the necessity of faith in Christ Jesus for salvation? (i.e. "Christian Universalism", in its simple and proper Theological sense, is the doctrine of universal reconciliation, universal salvation; or in other words, of the final holiness and happiness of all mankind, to be effected by the grace of God, through the ministry of his Son, Jesus Christ, and only through Christ is this accomplished.)

36. What are your views on Communion/Lord's Supper?

37. What are your views on the Deity of Jesus?

38. What are your views on the Trinity?

39. What are your views on the Inspiration of Scripture?

40. What are your views on Speaking in Tongues and Other Gifts of the Spirit?

41. Can you minister with those who may hold different doctrinal views than yourself ?

42. Do you have a secular job? If so, what?

43. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

44. Are any charges, claims currently filed against you?

45. Are you currently in criminal litigation?

46. Where do you presently hold membership in a local church?

47. Please detail your involvement and activities in your local church over the past three years.

48. Please write about how you have been instrumental in leading others to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

49. Please list any spiritual gifts you may have, and give examples of how you have used them.

50. Please list any Degrees or Certificates you currently have along with the name of the institution issuing them:

51. Are you currently enrolled in a degree/certificate program? Please specify:

52. Do you solemnly affirm to abide by the statements in the Ministerial Ethics below?


a. I will maintain high ethical and moral values in all my dealings, personally and professionally;
b. I will respect each persons difference in doctrine, style and personality as they follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit;
c. I will always be willing to learn;
d. I will only speak in edifying ways in regards to other ministers, ministries, and the Body of Christ at large;
e. I will treat all with whom I come into contact as I would like to be treated; and,
f. I will support and promote the Six-Principle Baptist Church and Associations in ways the Lord leads me.

53. Do you understand that the Six-Principle Baptists Denomination IS NOT a Charismatic, Fundamentalist, or King James Only denomination, but adheres to Liberty of Conscience for individuals, relative to these, and other persuasions, in agreement with the Ministerial Ethics above?

54. Do you understand the each Six-Principle Baptist minister, ministry, church, etc. is self-supporting and that the General Association does not provide funds  for such support?

Personal References
Please do not use a relative as a reference
Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3
Name: Name: Name:


Address: Address:
Phone: Phone: Phone:
Email: Email: Email:

I declare that all the information contained in this application is truthful and is in no way intended to mislead or hide anything that may be considered important to the Six-Principle Baptist Church or Association. I also give the Six-Principle Baptist Church or Association permission to contact my references and  search for criminal records. I solomnly affirm that I will abide by the Ministerial Ethics statements and I understand my ministerial credentials shall be revoked upon violation of the terms in those statements.

_____________________________________________ ____________
                                          Signature                                     Date

* We will also need A recent photograph of yourself.

*We would like to know if your spouse is in full agreement with your calling. A note from your spouse to this effect, although not required, would be helpful.

When you have your material completed, mail it to:

Dr. Kenneth C. Allen, Sr.
General Director, SPB
88 Lee Road 419
Opelika, AL 36804
or email to: